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Elizabeth Amrane (Ahm-Ron) is becoming one of the rising creative forces in the Twin Cities beauty scene. Her work has graced many faces, and she has contributed to numerous weddings, special events and different productions all over the Twin City area. Elizabeth also contributes her expertise in her private studio in Minneapolis, MN.Raised in Minnesota, it was difficult to fathom fashion, art and make-up as much more than what could come from the local mall. After high school Elizabeth found an opportunity to leave her hometown and move to Toronto, Ontario Canada to pursue her curiosity and passion for make-up.  Elizabeth studied at the distinguished school, SOMA – The School of Makeup Art in Toronto and shortly thereafter teamed up with cosmetics giants – Makeup For Ever, Lancôme and Bobbi Brown, to further diversify and hone her aesthetics skills. A difficult route taken by many well-known make-up artists even today; but has proven absolutely crucial to Elizabeth’s development. For 20 years now, she has worked on thousands of skin tones, textures and types, and numerous men and women from every walk of life. What this gave Elizabeth was even more than experience, but an appreciation for every kind of beauty. Her passion for flawless skin and expressive eyes, along with her ability to “think outside the box” has put her in high demand in the Twin Cities market. Today you can find Elizabeth conjuring up new creations in the studio, sweating it out on location, or putting the final romantic touches on a blushing bride-to-be. When she’s not obsessing over lip-glosses or eyebrow hairs, she makes time to travel, keeping her spirit free and her antics fresh with her family and friends.


On her artistry, Elizabeth says “There’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you have someone’s face and trust in your hands, and upon completion – watch them see the creation of the two different worlds of beauty they have… and automatically, they’re addicted.”


SOMA – The School of Makeup Art, May 1998
Journeyman Make-up degree
Toronto, ON Canada
Major fields of study: beauty, character and special

effects for film, runway, print and television, freelance

business management.
Over-all grade average: A

Aspects of Make-up Training

  • Facial Analysis
  • Prosthetic Application
  • Corrective
  • Aging Techniques
  • Natural Beauty
  • Bald Cap, Prosthetics
  • Fashion Beauty
  • Airbrush make-up and effects
  • Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Injuries
  • Fantasy and Theatrical
  • Hair Pieces, Beards
  • Overlays, Concepts, Design
  • Basic Hair Styles, Shampoo, Blow Dry

Special Thanks


My supportive family, immediate and extended

​My wonderful, inspiring, and loyal clients, who keep me busy

All of my bosses and jobs along the way

SOMA – The School of Makeup Art, Toronto

And thanks also to iTunes, for providing a lifelong soundtrack.
​To all of the brilliant and incredibly talented photographers, hairstylists, and
other makeup artists with whom I have been honored to work with over the past years. Through your eyes, ideas and camera lenses I have seen a more beautiful and telling world. Thank you for continuing to enrich and inspire us all.

Photographers | Directors

Greg Page| Page Photography

Mark Doo-Digit Studio

Paul Nixdorf| Nixdorf Studios

CCG Creations

George Caswell| Caswell Photography

Jacki Vaughn| Jacki V. Photography

Maren Delaney| Maren Delaney Photography

Matt Blum| Matt Blum Photography

Jim Gallop | Jim Gallop Photography

Taylor Tupy NYC

Professional Work


  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine
  • Style Architects
  • Suzanne Organics
  • IT Cosmetics
  • National Baseball League of America
  • Radio mention on FM 107.1 MyTalkFM
  • TV work- SHQP, EvineLive


Intelligent Nutrients

Mannequin in MOTION


Martin William

MKTG, Minneapolis

FAME, Minneapolis


Music | Videos


Jason Dean


Maria Bamford| Comedian

ODB| Wrestler

Beekman 1802 Boys


Suzanne Sommers